B O S S    U L T R A 


  F  o  u  n  t  a  i  n      O  f      K  n  o  w  l  e  d  g  e      
              The highest levels of success are achieved by thinking like a customer.    





Ultra Group      


Ultragroups role is to create new client sales from our internet leads.  Ultragroups Minnimum goal should be to get at least one sale per hour worked. Each day new internet leads come in from over 50 websites that we own.   The internet leads come in from 3 sectors :  Chat Customers  . Call Ins  .  And Emails in our inbox.  Ultragroups role is to turn these leads into sales.





  Anna Schedule Mon-Fri   Raina Schedule    Sat-Sun
  8pm to 11pm   First String On Internet And Calls Leads in Inbox      
  11pm to 1am  Does Assurance Calls  And Affiliate Registration.      








































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