W e   S t a n d   B y   O u r   S e r v i c e T h e   B e s t   C a  r p e t   C l e a n i n g   Y o u   H a v e   E v e r   H a d ,   O r   I t 's   F R E E ! ! !  .vacuum cleaners steam cleaner steam cleaners floor cleaners floor steam cleaner Carpet cleaning carpet cleaner carpet cleaning Americas home steam cleaner bissell carpet cleaner stain remover carpet shampooer carpet clean Americas carpet cleaning Americas Mattress carpet cleaning air duct cleaning Americas Carpet Cleaners carpet steam cleaners carpet cleaning machines bissell steam cleaners carpet shampooers hoover carpet cleaner apartment cleaning service carpet steam cleaner Americas Mattress carpet cleaners steam cleaning window cleaning service carpet cleaning hire Americas upholstery cleaners steam clean carpet cleaning machine rug cleaners Americas upholstery cleaning how to clean carpet rug cleaning upholstery cleaning Americas area rug cleaning carpet cleaningMattresschemdryfloor cleaning supplies window cleaning services Mattress Carpet Cleaners Americas rug cleaning carpet cleaning equipment carpet cleaning products carpet shampoo carpet stain removal Americas stain removal upholstery cleaning service carpet cleaning specials carpet cleaning supplies dry carpet cleaning green carpet cleaning how do i remove blood Americas Mattress rug cleaning Americas steam cleaners carpet cleaning coupon carpet cleaning service carpet cleaning tips carpet stain remover carpet steam cleaning chemdry carpet cleaning how to clean a carpet steam carpet carpet cleaner ratings hiring a carpet cleaning service how do i clean my carpet how do i clean my rug how do i shampoo my carpet how to clean your carpet should i hire someone to clean my carpet should i rent a rug doctor what is a steam cleaner what vacuume should i buy what you should know about carpetsHOMEAfter years and years of talking about "green"cleaning, with many believing it to be ust a fad, the cleaning industry finally took a leap.Boss Services Carpet Care has always believed in and used top quality environmentally safe chemicals. All of our cleaning and sanitizing products are undeniably green. The choices we all make affects our health, and the health of our planet.Many who clean government facilities are making the switch to "green" cleaners because they simply believe it is the "right thing to do"Typically, the customer does not know anything about green carpet cleaning. Our technicians take the time to educate customers on the benefits of green carpet cleaning in a professional and courteous manner.BOSS SERVICES CARPET CARE believes in and strives to give the "total package" approach in service and efficiency.The investment in your carpet, the safety of your families health and the protection of our environment is our number one goal.BOSS SERVICES CARPET CARE...useslow-moisture extractors, which use considerable less water than older machines. The job gets done faster, uses less energy, dries faster which help to prevent mold and mildew.We at BOSS SERVICES CARPET CARE...value your families time and schedules. We are proud of our quick and efficient cleaning techniques. CALL TODAY FOR A FREE ESTIMATEBoss Services is the company of choice for many homeowners and businesses globally. Why do so many individuals choose Boss Services for all their cleaning and restoration needs? Convenient Hours Quality Service Competitive Pricing Superior Technology Full Line of Services 24 Hour Emergency Services Trained Technicians Our goal is to provide a healthy indoor environment for our customers by removing many of the contaminates that live in structures; Irritants that trigger allergic reactions, respiratory distress, household odors, and, of course, dirt and germs. The technology and processes wehavedeveloped throughout our history have had that one goal in mind - a healthy environment. There's no clean like Boss Services!How can you get anything clean without soap or chemicals? That's easy. Boss Services uses super heated water and an emulsifier to remove dirt and debris at the molecular level. Boss Services's patented recirculating system keeps the clean, hot water moving from the tank to the wand so it doesn't have a chance to cool down sitting in the line. The super-heated water breaks up dirt and grease without damaging the fibers of the carpet over-wetting. Powerful vacuums then extract the dirt and water leaving your carpet clean and decontaminated. Your carpet is clean all the way to the base of the fiber. Carpets should be vacuumed regularly and cleaned twice a year to keep them at their best. The Boss Services equipment is so powerful, your carpet and upholstery will dry fast too!Your carpet is an expensive investment, andyou'llwant to take the best possible care of it to keep it looking great as long as possible. Estimates show that 80% of all debris in your carpet is brought in from outdoors. Dirt, pollen, bacteria, dust mite waste and spores are drawn to your carpet like a magnet. You may think twice before you sit down on the floor to play a game with the kids.Oriental and area rugs are our specialty. The rugs are picked up, brought to our facility and cleaned with the same hot-water extraction method. Then they are delivered back to your home clean and dry. Beware! If the carpets are cleaned in place they can mildew, bleed through, and damage the carpet or hardwood flooring underneath.When you want your home or office clean?really clean?you can trust Boss Services to do the job right the first time! Remember, at Boss Services, we will give you an estimate up front, in writing, with no hidden charges, before we begin work.Fight back dirt and germs withBoss Services.Next to your carpet, your furniture gets the toughest workout. Ground in dirt, spills, odors, pet dander, and dust can make the upholstery dull and aged. The same hot water extraction method used to clean your carpet and area rugs can to be used to bring life back to your furnishings.Durable Fabrics - Boss Services's hot water extraction system can lift months of dirt and odors out your draperies and furniture. Draperies and furniture can be cleaned in place without being removed from your home. The same abrasive dirt particles that wear down your carpeting, also wear down your upholstery. Boss Services recommends cleaning every 6 months to prolong the life of your furniture.Delicate Fabrics - Boss Services has available our Lambrite dry cleaning process to safely clean even the most delicate fabrics. Soil and stains are gently lifted out and your furnishings are dry within minutes.With all the media attention in recent years,the word MOLD brings an instant hesitation. Is it a real concern? Afterall, it's been around forever. The truth is, the effects of mold on our bodies are just now being understood. While rare, serious health effects from exposure to fungi, do occur. Too much exposure to certain types of mold could trigger asthma, cause allergic reactions, rashes and other respiratory complaints.People are more susceptible to a fungus when it is in a building. Infants are more susceptible to infection because their immune systems haven't fully developed. The elderly tend to have weaker immune systems, too. Because of the potential harm, any water intrusion into a building should be handled quickly and professionally.What are some of the signs of mold contamination?Visible mold growth Musty or earthy odor that is most noticeable when you first enter a structure or room. Your nose will be become desensitized to it in about 10 seconds. High indoorhumidity levels for extended periods Headaches and allergic reactions when within the environment Molds can grow on virtually any substance, provided that moisture is present. Prompt attention to water damage or visible mold can often keep a minor problem from becoming major.If I discover mold, what do I do? First, don't panic, but do use caution. Make sure your actions won't aggravate the problem by making the spores airborne or spread them to uncontaminated areas. Call a Boss Services professional for an assessment; please use our global locator to the right. Testing can be done to determine the type of mold, but the bottom line is that the mold has to go, no matter whatspecies.You can call on Boss Services for all your drying and remediation needs. These include:Inspection and Assessment of the cause and extent of damage. Health & Safety issues including containment and removal of contaminated materials. Protectiveclothing and respirators may be required during the remediation process. Containment to prevent the spread of fungi to unaffected areas Remediation, depending on the extent of damage. Cleaning of contents in affected areas. Clearance testing through an independent third party. How can I be proactive in preventing mold in my home?Mold needs two main factors to grow - water and an organic food source. Check your water bill - if water usage has increased noticeably this could be an indication of a water leak. If you have had recent rg or construction - check roof, flashings, window seals, bathrooms, and humidifiers regularly for signs of excess water. Inspections on a regular basis - HVAC & appliance drip pans, appliance water line connections, bathrooms, water heaters, windows, and attics. If you experience ANY flooding in your structure make sure the removal and drying is handled properly, professionally, and promptly. Watercan seep under baseboards and into wall cavities, resulting in undetected mold growth. If you have a small amount of visible mold that reoccurs after cleaning with a water and bleach solution, this could be an indication of ongoing water intrusion, which should be corrected immediately. At A Glance: Established: 2000Email: Products/Services:Air duct cleaning Maine Air duct Maine Mold Maine Mold removal Maine Carpet cleaning Maine Air duct cleaning, ventilation cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, HVAC, crawl space encapsulating, wet basement cleaning, carpet cleaning, mold. Keywords: HVAC, air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, crawl space cleaning, wet basement cleaning, HVAC cleaning, dryer vent, ventilation cleaning, carpet cleaning, mold. Carpet cleaning Americas ME, carpet cleaners Americas ME, clean space, crawl space, mold prevention Maine, mold Americas ME, mildew odor Maine, dryer vents, commercial dryers, mold inMaine,commercial dryers Americas, ME, wet basement ME, servpro Maine, Stanley Steamer Maine, Service Master Maine, Sears Maine, Maine cleaning service.Brands:Clean SpaceAffiliations:BBB, NADCA Certified National Air Duct Cleaners Assoc.138054Areas Served________________________________________Alna | Arrowsic | Ashdale | Back Narrows | Bailey Island | Bath | Boothbay Harbor | Bowdoinham | Bremen | Bristol | Brunswick | Brunswick Nas | Cathance | Chamberlain | Damariscotta | Damariscotta Mills | Dover | Dresden | East Boothbay | Edgecomb | Georgetown | Growstown | Harding | Harpswell | Harpswell Sound | Harrington Corner | Harwards | Hatch'S Corner | Head Tide | Hockomock Bay | Johns Bay | Maquoit Bay | Meadowbrook | Merepoint | Middle Bay | Montsweag Bay | Muscongus | Nequasset | New Harbor | Newagan | Newcastle | North Newcastle | Ocean Point | Orrs Island | Parker Head | Pemaquid | Pemaquid Point | Perry Cove | Phippsburg | Quahog Bay | Richmond | Robinhood | Round Pond |Sheepscott | South Bristol | South Harpswell | South Newcastle | Southport | Spruce Shores | Squirrel Island | Topsham | Trevett | Turners Corner | Walpole | West Bath | West Dresden | West Harpswell | West Southport | Westport Island | Wiscasset | WoolwichCarpet CleanersCarpet cleaning equipment tipsProfessional carpet cleaning services generally use only a few different pieces of equipment to serve their customers. Nevertheless, these items must be chosen with care to ensure the quality of the work. Like commercial washers, carpet cleaning machines go through heavy use and need to be of high quality to weather the wear.Carpet Steam CleanersA carpet steam cleaner delivers a high-pressure stream of very hot water to the carpet. The carpet is then beaten with four to six rollers which remove set-in dirt. Though they are called steam cleaners, this is technically inaccurate because water must be heated to a temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit tovaporize, and that temperature will cause irreparable damage to most carpets. The temperature of the water in most carpet steam cleaners is between 150 and 180 degrees Fahrenheit, though the temperature in the machine’s heated tank may exceed the 212 degree threshold. Our aim is to supply instant, expert cost-friendly carpet cleaning, water damage restoration services for the Americas, OR area. twenty fours hours a day, everyday. Our specialty is to know and be familiar with any type of carpet care need for you, our valued customer in a mode of fast and skilled service. You can be sure that we will find you the lowest price and swift resolution for all of Americas different and important needs for upholstery and carpet service. When you need the best in carpet service in Americas, call us to get the job done right!We are proud to offer carpet cleaning experts on-call 24-7 to remedy water damage scenarios in all of Americas, Mattress. Ourcustomers always get swift and assured carpet service in the city and its surrounding areas. Our specialty is emergency water damage restoration service!We are the cure for your needs in the Americas area. We're happy to provide carpet cleaning for home and business with pet stain and odor removal, area rug deodorization. upholstery upkeep, water damage restoration and more! Our carpet cleaning technicians can take care of rug, tile and grout issues within our serviceable locationsResidential Carpet Cleaning Services for Americas, OR:floor service wall-to-wall, all varieties of upholstery cleaning, area rugs in needs of care, stain and deep stain removal, pet stain and odor removal, tile/grout scouring, protection of flooring with rug protector and more.Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services for the Americas, OR area:rug care and service wall-to-wall, repairing of all area rugs, maintenance of all commercial upholstery, removal of stains inhigh traffic areas, maintenance and care of cubicles and more.Emergency Water Damage Restoration in Americas, OR:24/7 emergency water damage restoration available, extracting water, specialist in remediation of mildew and mold, deep cleansing, replacement of old or damaged padding, floor drying and more.As our customers in Americas we want you to be happy with our skills. Our technicians guarantee the work will be covered for 30 days. We are here for the customer of OR to be pleased with our work!Be sure to call us for solutions to your needs. For faster service contact us to receive care for your needs today:Americas contact.We work for our Americas customers to be fully satisfied with what our services offer. Our professional service is backed by a thirty day warranty. We work for our customers throughout Mattress to be completely happy!All carpet cleaning technicians that we choose to work within Americas are professional and friendly.Contact us anytime for all of your solutions to your carpet cleaning needs. Connect conveniently with us today for immediate help here: Americas carpet cleaning contact.SERVICE AREAS: [A - W] Cornelius Vancouver North Plains Fairview Canby Gresham Wilsonville Corbett Happy Valley Troutdale Lake Oswego Camas West Linn Sherwood Boring Newberg Aurora Damascus Washougal Eagle Creek Hillsboro Forest Grove Clackamas Mattress City Tualatin Brush Prairie Beavercreek Bridal Veil Beaverton Donald Ridgefield Gladstone Marylhurst Americas For our complete service areas click on the alphabe

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  P T I M A   C L E A N  


  Our Ultra Clean Truck mounted  cleaning  system brings a new  level  of  clean to your bed. This is not  just  basic steam cleaning. We have some of the newest  technology available  for  restoring your Mattresses. Our new generation units are designed to deep clean. And  our  intensive cleaning uses 2 separate  steps  to  leave  your  mattresses  hygienically  clean  and  fresh. We  really  think  we    can surprise  you  with  how  much  better our results are then other cleaning companies.


          If you live within 1 hour of Local Montgomery Mobile Huntsville, we service you!

Has Your Mattress Never Been Cleaned?
This is where you will really see the difference. Ultra Clean uses a "Sanitizing Preconditioner" step to safely clean even the most aged mattress. This special step gives you a deeper cleaning and a hygienic quality that will leave your mattress soft and fresh.







Never Any Hidden Charges 
Our Ultra Clean service is complete. There  are  never any  hidden charges with our service. Our seasoned Service Techs are here to provide you with the  most  pleasant experience possible. With no surprises and no bait and switch tactics. You can  trust  the price we quote you. Our complete service includes:    


     • Treating for all spots and stains that exists. Our policy on stains is very simple: As long as the stains have not dyed the  fibers of  the mattress we  guarantee to remove them for you. If  dye stains exist our Service Tech can quote a dye removal treatment for you.
    • Gentle sanitizing.
    • Our complete  2 step Ultra Clean service
Our exclusive 30 day Ultra Warranty.





Our Intensive Cleaning Leaves No Residue
Our separate neutralizing rinse  step  ensures your mattress is left residue free. This greatly extends how long  you go  in  between cleanings.  By using  a  deep  rinsing  step, we  remove  soapy residues from previous cleaning and leave you with a mattress that is fresh and micro clean.





Experience Faster Dry Times 
Our high powered units dry the mattress much faster then traditional systems. And  our  special Dry Stroke step  allows you to put the mattress back into use much quicker. Our  unbelievable  results  are unmatched.  Ultra Clean will allow you to experience A whole new level of clean .





Want To See Before You Purchase? 
Our  company  provides  new  customers  with our exclusive "Test Cleaning  Guarantee ". We can arrange for you to see our amazing results before  you  spend  any  money with us. With a scheduled appointment, we  can  have  our  Service Technician come to your home at no charge and give  you a free 10 minute test cleaning on the worst area that you have. Our Technician will show you exactly how  much  we  can  restore your  mattress. At that point, you would have 2 options:


     1.) Either we can perform your complete service at that time.
     2.) Or, our Technician will leave and there will be no charge at all for us stopping by.


Experiencing our brilliant  results has never been easier.





Our Service Techs Have Ownership In Our Company.  
Our company has strict requirements  of  the Service Technicians that represent our company. These are all seasoned professionals who actually have ownership in their local branch. Because of this partnership  arrangement  with  our  Service  Techs, you  can  be assured  to  get an  advanced  service  that  will  surpass  your expectations.





We Give Discounts The Others Don't.  
We know that value is important to you. We have options you won't find with other carpet cleaners. Our  unique  service has available discounts for:


    • Scheduling at hours when we are already in your zip code.
    • Mattresses that require only one side cleaning.
    • Senior citizens   
    • Specific stain removal.





Odor Removal Specialists
If you have an odor issue, we have advanced techniques and procedures for mattress odor removal. Ask one of our customer service representatives for more information.


For A Fast Exact Quote Over The Phone Simply Call 1-800-566-9814

Is Sealer Coating A Good Option?
If  it  is  in  your  budget. Our  company recommends applying a protector to your mattress after our cleanings. This protective sealer creates a  barrier  that greatly helps keep your mattress clean. This special  coating  keeps dbuildup from getting embedded into  the  mattress and improves vacuuming. If you have a protective sealer on  your  mattress, the  mattress is far less likely to be stained permanently.  We have  two  protective  sealer options which will make  your  carpet  resistant to spots, stains and embedded soil.

• Teflon Advanced creates a barrier which will cause  liquids to bubble up on the surface. This sealer coating is excellent for high resistance. Most  spots  and  stains  actually "bubble up" on the surface of your mattress when this is applied.

• Precedent Sealer is a medium resistance sealer which will help prevent stains from becoming permanent and  help  keep  buildup  and dustl  from  becoming  embedded. This  is  an  excellent  low  cost option. Stains can usually be removed with just a damp cloth.



ptima Warranty

Our exclusive 30 day warranty gives you a month to evaluate our brilliant results.
The longest warranty in Mattress!


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Carpet Cleaning Upholstery Cleaning Tile Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning


Frequently Asked Questions:

Are your cleaning solutions safe for my home, family and pets?

Absolutely.  Our non toxic gentle cleaning solution deep cleans your mattress while being friendly to our environment.  We take great pride In being  an Eco- Friendly  Company.




How long will my mattress take to dry?
After our Ultra Clean service, mattresses are left just slightly damp to the touch. Most mattresses usually dry in 4-5 hours. However  any  areas that require additional cleaning or preconditioning may take longer to dry. If drying time is a concern, we  can take  special steps to try to speed this process  up for you.




Does your cleaning include stain removal?
Yes. Our service includes treating for all spots and stains that have not dyed the fibers of your mattress. Red dye stains and pet stains are examples of stains that can dye or discolor mattresses permanently. Our Service Technicians are experts at treating difficult stains.




Can you treat urine stains and pet odor issues?
Yes. Our exclusive treatments can usually eliminate urine stains in your mattress. Our enzyme producing treatment can remove both stains and offensive odors, leaving your mattress fresh and sanitized. *In severe cases, odor removal and stains may not be able to be completely removed.





Is my price based on square footage?
No. Our prices are based the mattress size you have. King, queen full or twin.

Does your cleaning include mattress removal?
No our service is performed in your home without removing the mattress from the room it occupies.   If  possible,  we  do  ask  that you remove all bed sheets and comforters, before our arrival.





What do I have to do in preparation of my service?
We typically ask 3 things from our clients:


     • Open the blinds and curtains in the rooms to be cleaned so we get as much light on the mattress as possible.
     • Remove all bed sheets and comforters.
     • Turn ceiling fans on to encourage fast drying times.




Why is your service better then the other national companies?
Our exclusive 2 Step  service includes separate  steps  for Preconditioning, Stain Treating and  Deep Extraction Rinsing. This Ultra Clean procedure gives you the deepest clean possible with   no residues left in the mattress after cleaning.

Our company also has strict requirements of the techs that represent our company. These are   all  seasoned  professionals  who actually  have a  stake in  their local branch. Because of this partnership arrangement with our service techs , you can be  assured to  get a service that will surpass your expectations.





What is Easy Pay?  
Our  exclusive  Easy Pay  program allows  you to pay for your service in 2 payments over a 30 day period, at no extra charge!  When placing your order , ask our friendly staff for Easy Pay  instructions.








Upholstery Cleaning

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   Quality And Pride have always lived here..................Here at Boss Services we have spent the last 16 years creating a unique combination of high quality service and innovative options that allow our clients to get the perfect service at the right price. When you use  our  company  you  will  receive  the following unique service features  you will only find here. Free Demo Guarantees On All Services. Were so confident you will love our results, we are always willing to clean a stubborn area before you commit to the service. 3 Month Ultra New Stain Warranty. This extended warranty actually covers you for 3 months against major spots stains after your service. Free Boss Spot Remover For Life. Our professional strength spot remover is excellent for maintaining your carpet. For Services Over $300 Easy Pay allows you to pay for the service in 2 payments. Pre-Paid Service Option. This option allows you to purchase a service while  its  on  sale  and  have  the  service completed at a future date, after thesale hasended.  Our monthly sales give you generous discounts and  valuethat's worth prepaying for. The only requirement is a 3 day notice of your preferred service date. Never A Hidden Charge.You can trust the prices we quote you.  All backed by our exclusive Full Coverage 30 Day Service Warranty. And you can be assured there are never any hidden charges. 1-800-566-9814 Our exclusive  High Pressure Extraction  System  deep cleans  tile  and  grout  to  restore your  floors  brilliance and luster. This state of the art system uses a combination of intense heat and high pressure extraction to remove even the toughest buildup. Our system is safe for all tile types. And we specialize in sealing solutions for both tile and grout. Deep cleans stubborn grout.         Basic Furniture Moving               included.         Superior technology ensures the best   results possible.                           Natural Stone Specialists                 Natural Stone Sealer Options                  Flat Sealer     High Gloss SealerOur  exclusive DemoGuaranteeallows you tosee our amazing resultsbefore you commit.               Grout Recoloring Service                                      Did you know that you can change the color of your grout?  Older grout lines can diminish the  appearance  of your tile.    Our recoloring  service  utilizes a special colorant mixed with a sealer to change the grout color to your desired choice.  Grout color is like new again!And we  have  over  20  colors to choose from. Ask a Customer Service Agent for more details. 480-966-2201Tile Repair Service Also Available Carpet Cleaning Service             Our  Professional  Courteous ServiceTechs Know how get the best results without the add on charges !  No Hidden Charges !          Don't be fooled by carpet cleaners           who quote low prices and then            "upsell" you when they get to the            home.   C a r p e t   C l e a n i n g   O p t i o n s     Our company gives you 2 options with our  master  carpet cleaning service:    TruckmountedSteam Cleaningfor                            light to medium soiled carpets                       Dual Process for heavily soiled                                  carpets__________________________________________________   Why Our Service Is Better            Mobile Cleaning Plant            technology brings a new level of clean to your            home. Tremendous extraction is generated by           our mobile plants allowing us to deep clean           and restore your carpets appearance. Carpets are preconditioned          using our exclusive  "Heated Preconditioner". This           special  step  gives  you  a  deeper  cleaning  to           remove  spots, stains and heavily soiled areas.  Our separate rinsing step              ensures your carpet is  left residue free.  This              greatly extends how long you go in between              cleanings.                Our high            powered units dry the carpet much faster then            traditional systems. This allows you to put the           carpet back intouse much quicker.                Our Unbelievable Results Are Unmatched                                                     Experience A Whole New Level Of Clean B o t h  S e r v i c e s  I n c l u d e :                          Moving and replacing basic furniture.        Treating for all spots and stains.         All required preconditioning        Full Coverage 30 day warranty        Ultra 3 month Stain Warranty.         Free bottle of Boss Stain Remover.                     Free refills for life on our stain remover!      C a r p e t  T r e a t m e n t s  :                Ask About Our Fabset Rinse             This rinsing solution helps soften carpet fibers              to put more fluff in your carpet. This special             rinsing solution also enhances the appearance             of your carpet giving more vibrancy to the color             of your carpet. Milgo Sanitizer is our professional          deodorizing treatment. This product allows us to          treat oder issues  caused by pets,smokeand           mildew. This sanitizing product is excellent for           disinfecting your carpet down to a microscopic           level.   Sealer Coating Options.             Our company recommends applying protector             to your carpet after our cleanings. We have             two options which will make your carpet              resistant to spots, stains and embedded soil.              Teflon Advanced And Precedent Sealer                          Teflon Advanced creates a               barrier which  will cause liquids to bubble upon               the surface.                                            This sealer coating is excellent for high               resistance.           Precedent Sealer is a medium                 resistance sealer which will help prevent                  stains  from  becoming  permanent  and                  help  keep dirt  and soil  from  becoming                  embedded. This is an excellent low cost                 option. Stains can usually beremoved                  with just a damp cloth.         Air Duct Cleaning Service                        State Of The Art Service  At A Value Price.         Truckmounted  technology allows  our  Service Techs  to  thoroughly clean  your homes air ducts. Our safe effective process eliminates buildup and debris other systems leave behind. And our  convenient  service  allows  us to  perform  the  air duct cleaning while you are home.               Our cleaning technology includes a separate sanitizing step after the cleaning to disinfect your system as well. Why Is Air Duct cleaning Important?  Dirty Air Ducts are less efficient then clean air ducts.  This can reduce airflow and effect utility rates. Our clients are always amazed at what we extract from air ducts. Dust, dead skin and dust mites are just some of the debris that pollute your air quality.  People with allergy or respiratory conditions can be greatly affected by the buildup circulating through the homes air ducts. Air Duct cleaning helps protect your family from air bornpathogens that can create health issues.In fact,statistics show that 1 in 5 Americans suffer from allergies caused by substances found in the home and in the officeDemo GuaranteeMost people have no idea what is in their air ducts. That is why we always offer a free test cleaning on one air duct prior to your service.This will give you a clear idea of what hasaccumulated in your air ducts.      Upholstery Cleaning Service                              Our master upholstery cleaning service will deep clean and restore your upholstery.  Our unique system uses low moisture to safely clean both synthetic and natural fabrics.                Optical Brighteners in our cleaning agents enhance the richness of your upholsteries color, giving your fabric a brilliant appearance. And our fast drying process allows you to put your upholstery back into use in just a few hours. Upholstery Cleaning Service Includes:                           Treating for all spots and stains.             Complete preconditioning for heavily soiled areas.               Deep extraction cleaning                      BossMaintenance Spot Remover included               with service.          Stain Warranty               Our Ultra 3 month "Major Stain" Warranty              may be included with our service.  In the event                you experience a severe stain which can not               be removed with our maintenance spot               remover. You can call our office up to 3               months after the service for professional               assistance at no charge.                  Our Exclusive Demo Guarantee allows you to see     your results before purchasing the service.                                             Our Results will impress you. Available Protective Coatings:                                     Teflon Advanced  Here are a few things most Carpet Cleaners won't tell you............Cleaning your carpet in 2 and 3 room sections is far more expensive for you because of the "minimum charges" companies have to charge to turn a profit ontheirtime slot. It is always smarter to have all of your rooms done at once if possible. The next time you get a quote, ask for the difference between doing 3 rooms and doing your entire home. You will be surprised at the difference. In most cases the first 3 rooms cost double of what the additional rooms cost.Most carpets suffer from two things that make the carpet look dirty. Stains and traffic areas. Investing in an entry throw rug (In the entrance way used most in the home) is a great way to reduce traffic areas on the carpet. Also, investing in a $15 Carpet Rake like the one pictured below, is a great way to keep your traffic areas from developing.  Simply rake the traffic areas before vacuuming to increase soil removal. Look under the yellow pages for  carpet cleaning supplies,to purchase a carpet rake. As far as treating spots and stains, go to Boss Services in Mesa and get a free bottle of spot remover. Keep the bottle and get freerefills.                                                                        Make no mistake about it, keeping a sealer coating on your carpet (like Teflon or Scotchgard) is important to keep your carpet looking great. But, as you probably know, it can be costly. Here is a tip to save money if it is not in your budget to purchase it from a professional. Look in the yellow pages under carpet cleaning supplies. You will see the names of supply houses in town that sell to the Valleys carpet cleaners. You can purchase sealer directly from these supply houses. (Just be sure to get clear application instructions and a proper sprayer as well).When possible move your own furniture. Most carpet cleaners will give discounts for "Traffic Area" rooms. In other words, rooms where they don't have to move furniture. Be aware of carpet cleaners who don't rinse yourcarpet properly after the cleaning. Some carpet cleaners price their services low to encourage more sales and then to stay profitable they perform a "1 step" cleaning. Thismeans they apply their cleaner through their steam wand as they're cleaning and they don't do a separate rinse step. The carpet may look great for a few weeks, but the residue left in the carpet attracts dirt at a fast rate, making the carpet look dirty in just a few months. (A great way to get you to schedule another cleaning with them)The truth is, for a carpet to be cleaned properly the cleaner or "Preconditioner" must be applied first to the carpet and allowed to dwell for a period of time. Then the steam wand is used with a non residue rinsing solution to rinse the carpet clean. This ensures the carpet stays clean as long as possible. Think about how long the carpet stayed clean when it was brand new? At that time the carpet had nothing in it attracting buildup.There are many ways a carpet cleaning service can be reduced in price, in the end it alwayshas an effect on the overall quality of the service.Don't let stains dwell on the carpet. Especially what we call "Rainbow" stains. Any stain that has a color you would see in arainbow,probably has a dye in it. These dyes can stain the carpet permanently. Red stains are the worst. If you have a problem with pet stains. instead of paying professionals to do entire room cleanings go back to the yellow pages under carpet cleaning supplies and purchase some professional pet stain remover for yourself.