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Here Are 8 Little Known Secrets To Dramatically Improve The Appearance Of Your Carpet Looking In Between Professional Cleanings.   
1. Invest In A Carpet Rake    
This is one of the greatest tools you can invest in to preserve your carpet . This rake can dramatically increase the performance of your vacuuming and it is relatively inexpensive. (Home depot sells them for about $13.00  Here is the link). Simply rake your carpet with this tool before vacuuming and your carpets will stay cleaner much longer.You might be amazed at how effective this is.    

2.Vacuum your carpet as frequently as possible. (In 2 Directions)    
As a general rule vacuum your high traffic areas 3 to 5 times per week. This will prevent dirt from becoming embedded into thecarpet. Walking on dirt and grit that has become embedded in the base of the fibers causes a scratching action that can reduce color in your traffic areas. When you vacuum go east and west and then North And South. This cross vacuuming action increases soil removal.


3. Clean up spills immediately, before they become permanent stains
       (And use a damp cloth to buy time)

The  faster  you  attempt to clean a stain, the less likely it will become permanent. When blotting a  stain, always work towards the center  of  the stain  to keep the spot from spreading. You may not be aware but permanent spots and stains is one of the main reasons people replace their carpet. If you can not remove the stain, place a damp cloth on the stain (to keep it from setting) And call us for advice-1-800-566-9814.

4. Have your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year to avoid  "color scratching"        

Most  people  are  not aware but  most  major  manufacturers  recommend  you  clean your carpet every 6-12 months depending  on  the amount of “traffic” in the house. (i.e. kids, pets, shoes, etc.).   This not only keeps the carpet looking clean. But it also keeps traffic areas from losing color.  At the very least you should do it once a year. Even  unseen  dirt  on  your  carpet  has a "scratching effect" on the color dyes of your carpet. And this is what eventually gives your carpet that worn appearance.

5.  If it is in your budget, re-apply carpet protector each time the carpet is cleaned.
          (Cut costs by spot treating the room)

Carpet  protector  is  excellent  at  keeping  dirt  from getting  deeply embedded in the carpet. This sealer coating is like having a sheet of plastic placed over your carpet. And while it is not cheap, a great cost cutting technique, is to just have it applied specifically where you need it. Traffic areas and entry ways are usually the best areas to seal. You will find this makes your vacuuming   much  more  effective.  Protector  also  keeps  stains  from  becoming  permanent.


6.  Place walk off mats inside and outside every entrance to your home.        

This  is  an  excellent  way to minimize the amount of dirt particles entering your home.  You might be surprised at how much this actually helps.


7. Place mats or bound remnants on top of the carpet on high wear areas, such as in front of the sofa or
           chairs. And in entry and exit points to each room.

When  most  people  call a professional carpet cleaner. It is usually a few specific areas that are of the most concern. Walkways and traffic areas are always going to look dirty faster. By placing washable mats or  throw  rugs over  these  areas  you  can  keep  the  overall appearance of the room looking  cleaner longer.

8. Remove your shoes when you enter your home.        

 It may take some getting used to, but this is an excellent way to protect your carpet.

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